Beginning May 10, we will have two worship services: 9 AM and 11 AM.
Those with last names beginning with A through J may attend the 9 AM service.
Those with last names beginning with K through Z may attend the 11 AM service.
Visitors are welcome to attend either service.
• The building has been cleaned from top to bottom, and will be cleaned between services.
• There will be no Sunday School, no Sunday evening service and no Wednesday evening service at this time.
• There will be no Children’s Church or Nursery.
• Please use hand sanitizer on your way into the Sanctuary.
• Please refrain from hugging or shaking hands.
• Please find a seat at least 6 feet from the nearest person or family.
• please use a tissue or the bend of your arm if you must cough or sneeze.
• Please do not leave any used tissues in the pews.
• You may wear your own mask, or use one provided in the foyer if that makes you feel more comfortable. Please return used masks to the marked basket in the foyer.
• There will be no hymnals or pew Bibles in the pews.
• The offering plates will not be passed, but will be placed near the doors where you will enter and exit.
• At the close of service, you will be dismissed beginning with the back rows. please exit out of the sanctuary and then out of the building without loitering in the foyer or under the awning outside.
May 5, 2020 Update

May 11, 2020 Update

une 3, 2020 Update